I never wanted to homeschool

Yes, that’s right. In fact a couple years ago if someone would of asked me if I had any interest, I would of said heck to the no.
Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against homeschool but we certainly didn’t feel called to do it. I loved working outside the home and having my own space and our kids were thriving in public school... until covid.
Let’s back track a little bit here. Back in December I heard God tell me to "be prepared to homeschool" I shrugged it off, quite sure that he was NOT talking to me... but kept it in the back of my mind just in case. As the months continued this urge got stronger and when the Covid shutdown happened I just assumed that this is what he was talking about. 
As soon as school was done for the year, this voice kept getting louder and the intent to homeschool pressed heavily on my heart. My husband wasn't one board so I knew that in order for this to happen, HE would have to move both of us. 
A few weeks ago we had the conversation and decided to homeschool. Both of us working full time. Me still teaching. So many logistics we didn't have answers too, yet knew this was the right move for our family. All those " I WOULD NEVER" statements have had a funny way of making their way back round to us. 
So, here we are, about a month before school starts and we will be homeschooling this year. Its going to be crazy but I am excited! I wanted to blog our process, struggles, triumphs with the world as I know so many others are choosing this unknown path. 
All the preconceived notions I have had about homeschooling in the past are no more. We start with a clean slate and we make it ours. I pray for guidance LOTS of it, PATIENCE Jesus be near and the ability to see my kids thrive in this environment. 
If you too, are on this journey, Welcome!





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