One month in and what we've learned so far.

We made it one full month! I will tell you about 2 months ago the feeling of homeschooling while working three jobs seemed DAUNTING! But we are doing it!

This month has been filled with its highs and lows and I will admit there has been some bribing with candy and dog snuggles.

Some days things go really smoothly and other days ( like as I am writing this) it is like pulling teeth. Here's what I have learned so far:

1. 7 years of formal education to teach in a classroom has NOT prepared me to homeschool, at least in a lot of ways that I needed it to.

2. I am having to completely unravel so many formal teachings to meet my kids where they need to me bet.

3. I am letting go of a lot of expectations. That I AM ENOUGH period. That there aren't all these projects we need to do or extras we need to load on our plate.

4. That being bored is ok.

5. That playing outside is so good for your mood and art is THERAPY

6. And lastly that despite that there are days when it just feels like TOO MUCH TOGETHERNESS, my kids are thriving in this environment and that is a gift!


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