Today was our first day

 Today was our first day of Homeschool. Ill be honest I felt like crying through most of it for a myriad of reasons but mostly because I do not feel capable of handling all of this. I am a teacher by trade, 7 years of college to prepare me to teach other peoples kids in a classroom. And while I know my kids best.... the thought of doing this - and working full time - and running a business - and making sure my kids have some FREAKING social experiences makes me want to loose my mind.
How are we supposed to handle all this? No quitting my job isn't an option. Trust me when I say I have exhausted all options for help at this point. So right now although we made it through school in two hours (while bribing my kids with candy) with no tantrums....I still feel completely OVERWHELMED.
Ill be honest. Im angry. Not that we are homeschooling but that Satan is using every opportunity he can to rip families and relationships apart. That he is creating stressful situations that are damn near impossible for almost every family out there right now. I'm just mad about all of it!


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